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Date d'inscription : 2020-11-01
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Clan Reward program  Empty Clan Reward program

Thu 1 Apr - 20:01
Dear players,
We will introduce clan reward program:

Depends from the amount of your ONLINE members, you can win very valuable prizes for your Clan.

Eligibility is manual-checked.

However beware!
Your online clan members must be unique and not bots or dual boxes from the same PC!

1 - 5         Level 3 & 1k Rep. Points
6 - 10       Level 4 & 2.5k Rep. Points
11 - 15    Level 5 & 5k Rep. Points
16 - 25    Level 6 & 10k Rep. Points
25 - 30    Level 7 & 15k Rep. Points
31+         Level 8 & 25k Rep. Points

The more members you Invite, the more rewards you are going to get!
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