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[EVENT 02/04/21-16/04/21] Grand Opening Dandy's Event  Empty [EVENT 02/04/21-16/04/21] Grand Opening Dandy's Event

Fri 2 Apr - 18:30
Dear players,

For the period (02/04/21-16/04/21) will be running the Dandy's Event.

You can find Dandy in every town, which will give you a free special buff for two hours, once a day.
(P; Atk +5% Atk. Spd. +5%, Critical Rate for Standard attacks +30, M. Atk. +10%, Casting Spd. +5%, M. Skill Critical Rate +20, Skill MP consumption -3%, Skill Cooldown -3%. Changes your appearance to NC Dinos Uniform.)


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