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[EVENT 05/11/21 - 05/26/21] Letter's Collector  Empty [EVENT 05/11/21 - 05/26/21] Letter's Collector

Tue 11 May - 20:09
Dear Players,

From May, 11th to May, 26th will be running the event Letter's Collector.
You can obtain letters pouchs by killing monsters across the world of Kelbim Project.

To trade letters, find "Angel Cat" on event shrines in every town.

Available rewards:

R110 Weapons
R110 Armors
Venir Talisman 12
Lilith/Anakim Soul crystal 5-8
Shillien Soul crystal 4-8
CP/HP/MP High Grade Elixirs
Elcyums, Elcyum Crystals
Quick Healing Potions
Freya Luck Potion
Boss Jewelry Package
Dark Weapon/Armor stones
Bloody Weapon/Armor stones
Bloody Freya Rune Pack (2-hr)
Dark Freya Rune Pack (2-hr)
Wondrous Shards
R110 Weapon/Armor/Accessory augmenting stones
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